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We are a team of software developers and designers working hard to make better softwares for your businesses. With our objective to provide our customers with clear & instant insights into the business information about stock, sales, profit/loss, ensuring you make optimal benefits from our software for your business operation.

We shall reap what we sow. Hence our founding principle is to work hard to sow the seeds of excellent service, constantly improving our technical & logical problem solving skills with the objective to make value additions to our customer's business in changing world.


CTS Retail (Billing & Inventory Software)

Every business requires a track of records which contains invoicing and billing details for products or services. Billing Software can keep track of all these details each time a firm serves its purpose to its customer. The billing software can search a particular record or set of records depending on the entry details that are required. It helps to manage customer details and served purpose which helps to maintain the availability of service or product. Thus to maintain the efficiency and management of service and products and their financial exchange made available to customers, business software is a perfect tool to serve your purpose for a healthy financial management and a relation of trust with your customer.

Our Billing Software is suitable for Automible Shop, Beauty Shalon, Card Accesories Shop, Computer Shop. Departmental Store, Furniture Shops, Footware Shop, Greeting & Gift Shop, Garments Shop, Hardware Shop, Mobile Shops, Music Stores, Stationary Shop, Sports Shop.


The POS is as functionally powerful an F&B retail POS. It is designed for quick service in fast food outlets, for customer care in fine dining and for flexibility in food courts & industrial catering. Special features include the option of dual display terminals & kitchen display for QSRs, a unique repeat diner profiler for fine dining and stored value account handling for food courts & institutional catering units.

The integrated purchase, stocks and costing functions can be performed at the outlet. Or, in chains these functions can be performed at any one or more of the outlet, commissary kitchens or the head office. These functions can be centralized with each outlet and commissary remotely accessing the database to perform transactions.


CTS ERP CTS ERP Is is Integrated ERP System for Small and Medium Enterprises. It covers All the module.

CTS Exam

This product is design for Offline Student evaluation. This is useful for coaching institute.


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